PHP Server – Track down spammer script

Sometimes you need track down spam from your server. It is not a easy task, there is so many script in any web app so it almost impossible to manual search for mail function. But PHP from version 5.3 offer elegant solution. You can see ...

RPi – Remote desktop to main screen

You can connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH with no problem, but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes you need to connect to GUI. Yes you can connect display to HDMI but I show you better way. I show you how to enable Remote Desktop on ...

Fortinet – NSE 2 Quiz – Module 9 (Competitive overview) answers

Who are Fortinet’s main competitors in the Data Center? : Cisco / cheap nba jerseys Juniper wholesale jerseys Networks Who are Fortinet’s main competitors in the Enterprise? : Cisco / Check Point Who are Fortinet’s main competitors in ...

Fortinet – NSE 2 Quiz – Module 7 (Carrier/MSSP) answers

What are the different types of MSSPs? : Pure-play, Carrier and Cloud Service Provider The MSS Market is expected to grow _______ from now to 2019. : 17.3% What are the foundational services for MSSP. : Security Húfu device management ...

Subnet table for IPv4 cheat sheet

Subnet range – Class A Subnet range – Class B Subnet range – Class C

TeamViewer close session without lock PC – solved

Hi, if you need keep unlocked PC after you close session. Just follow this step: Uncheck the field TeamViewer Panel -> Actions -> Lock -> “Lock on session end”  

Windows 8/10 (Windows server) change network type to private – solved

Maybe you was facing the same situation. If you reconnect server or PC to network the default network type has changed to public, and you are cut off from remote desktop and etc. But in Windows 8/10 sometimes is’t change network ...

Windows – Add network printer CMD or BAT file – SOLVED

Adding a network printer from the command line (or bat file) [crayon-5c8e96345cec4806331542/]  

Windows – Allow empty/blank passwort to network access – SOLVED

Blank Password Network Access Windows XP professional will not allow network users computer access without a password. Trying to do so will normally return and error code. To allow network access using a blank password: [Start] [Run] ...

TeamViewer – you are blacklisted or not whitelisted by this partner – SOLVED

Open teamviewer Extras >> Options >> security >> Black and White lists

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