Fortinet – NSE 2 Quiz – Module 7 (Carrier/MSSP) answers

  • What are the different types of MSSPs? : Pure-play, Carrier and Cloud Service Provider
  • The MSS Market is expected to grow _______ from now to 2019. : 17.3%
  • What are the foundational services for MSSP. : Security Húfu device management & continuous monitoring
  • Primary market drivers for managed security services? : Awareness, cost cheap NBA jerseys reduction, security complexity, compliance
  • The top consumer of managed security today is the SMB. : False
  • What are the two primary methods of deploying a managed security service? : Cloud-based & documenten CPE-based
  • Fortinet is a good fit for MSSPs because : wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys All ???????????? of the above (Technology supporst multi-tenancy, Broad, cheap NFL jerseys flexible wholesale jerseys hardware offering, Specialized MSSP support program,Uniformity of OS)
  • The primary functions of FortiManager : All of the above  (Administrative domains, Global policy provisioning, Object creation wholesale NBA jerseys for common Vaslav management, Signature and Firmware updates)
  • FortiDeploy is a tool designed for MSSPs that allows for low-touch to no-touch remote deployment of FortiGate firewalls. True
  • The primary functions of FortiAnalyzer : Logging & OF reporting
  • The cost per record breached for healthcare organizations in 2014 : $359
  • What was 2014 considered in the cyber security business? : The Year of cheap NBA jerseys Safety Retail
  • What is the security engineer unemployment rate? : .065%
  • What is the enterprise spending in MSS : 76%
  • What is the largest consumer of MSS? : Financial wholesale NFL jerseys services
  • What area is projected to be targeted most in 2015? : Healthcare
  • What is the projected growth in cloud base services in the next five years? : 60%
  • According to recent research, how many organizations partner with or consider outsourcing security with an MSSP? :  82%
  • FortiManager is one of the three primary building blocks of an MSSP : True
  • How many FortiGates are currently deployed globally? : Night 2M
  • Fortinet has its own MSSP support team. : True
  • One of the three types of partners in the MSSP Program are: Gold
  • What is the percentage of businesses using both private and public cloud? 58 %
  • The FortiGate 5000 series is the fastest chassis-based firewall in the industry. True
  • How many CIOs plan to allocate budget to private, public and/or hybrid clouds in 2015 : 73%
  • What is one of the three major challenges MSSPs have? : Security & uptime of their customer
  • Fortinet has the highest TCO of any security vendor. : new False
  • A perceived increase in business agility and consumption billing are driving cloud adoption. : True

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