Project BarcodeBarrier


Last year my employer ask me to solve a little problem with parking lot barrier system at the restaurant. The problem was with special coins what waiters had to give to customers after pay to exit the parking lot. But many customers cheated this system and stoles this special coins what was really expensive for the restaurant owner. So I decided to convert this system to read barcodes. Paper with printed barcode cost almost nothing, and as a bonus, you can set up VIP codes, statistic etc.



I design a new “exit unit” with my custom hardware to match current design and keep the current unit in working condition.

On the photo is the version with the old barcode reader, but it has a problem in bright light conditions because use laser type of reader. Current type uses an optical reader.


I also made custom made a web interface to control and manage the database.


Sorry guys, but it is, and it was custom made work so it is no open source this time. You can use it as inspiration or make one yourself.