Outlook 2013/2016 embeded image in signature

What is a problem?

Images in email signatures are visible when composing messages in 2016, but not visible when composing messages or opening emails in the recipients’ inboxes. So I analyze delivered email source code.

  <img width="400" height="120" id="_x0000_i1025" src="file:///C:/davidstein.cz/signatureimage.png" name="_x0000_i1025"></span>

So the image is linked but not embedded. So it can not be displayed at recipient side.


You can force outlook to embed images to emails by registry modification.

    1. Run regedit ( Start -> run -> regedit )
    2. Find this path in registry (x is a version of your outlook)
    3. Create key Mail if it does not exist so the final path will be
    4. Add new value DWORD(32-bit)  with the exact name
      Send Pictures With Document
    5. Value data: 1
      Base: Decimal
    6. Restart outlook
    7. Changes will be applied for the user who modified the registry