BigClown – getting started

Block Diagram

Really important and fascinating is how much things and sensors are on main board. Radio module, temperature sensor, accelerometer etc.


Download IDE for Windows

BigClown offer custom made Windows IDE you can download it from they repository here.

Just download it and install it.

Base vs Remote core unit

BigClown got two types of main module(Unit) Remote and Base (but they are different just in firmware) and can be reprogrammed to act as any of them. Here is image from BigClown web so you can see difference in they role.

Base core module

Base module is in role of central unit, it control other units and gets data from them. (not strictly but it is log story)

Remote core module

Remote unis act as “slave” unit for base module it provide data to Base core module. For example if you automate your house. You will got one Base core module “in center” and one Remote core module for every room to monitor temperature, humidity, “number of robots in universe” etc.

no “Hello World” ?

If I look at BigClown doc. i did not see any Hello world project. Every example project is quite complex so I do not think it is right start with. We must learn to walk before we can run, right? So I will take Smart LED Strip example project as template and cut it to the bone.

I call this project “Hello LED”, straight forward name and target. Push button on remote core module will turn on LED on base module.

But it is for next post. So stay tuned.


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