Linux – best apps

ncdu space analyzer script record all shell inputs and outputs to file iotop top for hdd fswatch monitor file events in the filesystem nala command line user interface for apt

Essentials linux commands

exit Exit actual session, exit from the program whatis [command] Show a one-line description of the command clear clear terminal window man [command] show manual page for command less [file] allow you to view, search in many ways in text files pwd print current working directory ls list files/folders in the directory cd change directory …

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Linux cheat sheet

A Standard Linux Directory Structure Below is a reference to the basic structure of directories for most Linux distributions. Find more at the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, on Wikipedia. / – the root or base of the filesystem /bin – operating system binaries /boot – Linux kernel and programs run at startup /dev – devices /etc – system configuration files /home – …

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Apache – Top 10 IP addresses accessing your Apache webserver

Default log paths /var/log/http/access_log [For RedHat based systems] /var/log/apache2/access.log [For Debian based systems] /var/log/http-access.log [For FreeBSD] Command Output 5482 Command explain awk ‘{ print $1}’ access.log – take the access.log and print first group (separated by white space) sort – sort records uniq -c – …

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