Error 0x8007007e when Printing from Microsoft Edge or any other Windows APP

When you try to print a webpage in Microsoft Edge or print a mail from the built-in Mail app, error 0x8007007e may occur. However, the classic desktop programs (a.k.a Win32 apps) can print correctly. The problem is restricted to modern or Universal Web Apps (UWP) like Edge, Mail, OneNote, etc.

Copy the file from WinSxS or the Drivers folder

  1. Open the C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\x64\3 folder.
  2. In the above folder, a file named PrintConfig.dll must exist. If it’s missing, that causes the error 0x8007007e when printing from modern apps. See if you have the folder Spool\Drivers\x64.old\3. If the folder exists, copy PrintConfig.dll to the Spool\Drivers\x64\3 folder.
  3. If the x64.old folder is missing in step 2, you can find the .dll file in other locations. Open the Windows\System32 folder and do a search for PrintConfig.dll and you’ll see the search results as below:printer error edge 0x8007007e printconfig.dll
  4. The search results may show some older version(s) of the file. Be sure to pick the most recent version of PrintConfig.dll (x64 version) from search results and copy the file to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\x64\3
  5. Likewise, if the 32-bit version of the file is missing from \spool\drivers\W32X86\3, search for the file and copy it from the other location.