Windows “We can’t verify who created this file” – SOLVED

If you try open exe file from network drive you can face error: “We can’t verify who created this file”, is is because network drive is not recognized as the trusted network place. You can add this network place to trusted sites.

  1. Select “Start“, then type “Internet Options“.
  2. Open “Internet Options“.
  3. Select the “Security” tab.
  4. Select “Local intranet“, then select the “Sites” button.
  5. Choose the “Advanced” button on the “Local intranet” dialog box that appears.
  6. Type the location of the file that produces the warning. The path could be a mapped network drive or a UNC path like “\\Server1”. In this case, my test.exe file was on the Z: drive. So I will type “Z:“, then press “Add“.
  7. The path may change once it’s added to the “Websites” box. This is normal behavior.
  8. Select “Close” > “OK” > “OK“.

Now you should be able to open any file from that location without receiving the “We can’t verify who created this file” error.