SilverCrest wireless door bell – forget learned devices – solved

Device: HG04115A-RX

IAN: 303733

This week I had to change the battery in my cheap wireless doorbell device from Lidl shop. But unfortunately when I was a pairing device somebody open doors with a 433MHz contact sensor and the receiver learn it as a wireless button.

It is quite funny because I inadvertently invented cheap door open alarm 😀

I do not find any way how to reset this device to total factory setup and forget all devices. So I start to study the manual. In the manual, I find that the device could have up to 5 wireless buttons. So I was hoping to overflow the memory of this device. And it works.


I got Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with OpenMQTTGateway(OMG) firmware using Pilight RF firmware. So I connect to it and sniff the button press.

Result off button sniff:

I also sniff the door sensor:

I try to send the clarus_switch via (OMG) but for some unknown reason it not work. Probably the sniff protocol was badly decided by Pilight.

BTW: the right message with clarus_switch should be:

OK Plan B!

I forget about the clarus_switch protocol and use the elro_400_switch. I try to learn receiver 8 different codes via OMG so I send 8 messages every with different unit codes.

And voiala! The memory was overflowed and I was abble learn just the right wireless button. I hope this will somebody help.

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