Mikrotik P2P mangle rule – SOLVED

Its long time ago but MikroTik removed P2P matcher from mangle rule, so now you have to use L7 analyze to mangle this traffic. Here is code to paste to the terminal: [crayon-5cafa0a3972b6468162616/] This mark P2P connection so you can ...

Mikrotik CAPsMAN config cheatsheet

Best order to create CAPsMAN Manager station Channels Datapaths Security Configuration Provisioning Interface->Manager->Enable Client station Wireless->Interface->CAP

Mikrotik – Remove fasttrack forward rule

Hi, first of all fasttrack is awesome thing.In short, it enable to skip whole routing and filtering process for established connections for ultimate increase passtrough ability. More info at mikrotik wiki. Here I will show you stupit ...

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