Fail2Ban – unban IP

First, you need to connect to the terminal and find the right jail. Open terminal iptables -L -n to find the rule name, it could be quite messy so I recommend skip this step 🙂 fail2ban-client status to show names of all fail2ban jails For F2B before v0.8.8 ffail2ban-client get YOURJAILNAMEHERE actionunban IPADDRESSHERE For F2B …

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Mikrotik P2P mangle rule – SOLVED

Its long time ago but MikroTik removed P2P matcher from mangle rule, so now you have to use L7 analyze to mangle this traffic. Here is code to paste to the terminal:

This mark P2P connection so you can apply queues on it, block it, or anything that you want to do with a …

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Ping unable to resolve but nslookup works fine – workaround

Sometimes if you make changes to your local DNS server windows do not works ok to resolve this DNS record in a local network. What?

Why? On Windows (even recent versions such as Windows 10), the first step can easily fail. For the sake of backward compatibility, Windows supports various methods of hostname resolution (hosts …

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Mikrotik CAPsMAN config cheatsheet

Best order to create CAPsMAN Manager station Channels Datapaths Security Configuration Provisioning Interface->Manager->Enable Client station Wireless->Interface->CAP