Fail2Ban – unban IP

First, you need to connect to the terminal and find the right jail. Open terminal iptables -L -n to find the rule name, it could be quite messy so I recommend skip this step 🙂 fail2ban-client status to show names of all fail2ban jails For F2B before v0.8.8 ffail2ban-client get YOURJAILNAMEHERE actionunban IPADDRESSHERE For F2B …

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TOR – setup entry and exit nodes – SOLVED

Basic setup If you need setup entry and exit nodes for TOR it is quite easy. It is really useful when you developing websites or make penetration testing network firewall. navigate to your tor browser install directory open Browser folder open TorBrowser folder open Data folder open Tor folder open torrc file in your favorite text editor in torrc file insert these …

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Copy remote MySQL from terminal

Hi, sometimes you need download whole database from remote site. For example for automated backups. You will need remote access to database, you can try command to make sure you got access (replace username and with your user and host)

If you are successfully logged to MySQL server you are lucky. Now you can setup …

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